“Tell Everyone Now, today, I shall sing beautifully for my friend's pleasure We shall enjoy it As for him who finds fault, may silliness and sorrow take him!” Sappho

Welcome to Celia Miller's
Voice Studio! 

Reach your singing and musical goals whether you are a recording or performing artist or if you sing for personal enjoyment.  Celia's objective with each singer is that they are free to express themselves soulfully using their entire vocal range. Study with Celia if you are preparing to record, audition or want to improve your game on stage. Study vocal technique to release your unique voice, or if you have stage fright, get hoarse, experience voice "cracks", strain, weakness, or pitch issues. Mastering can take years (we are all students), but experiencing your voice in a new way can take one lesson. Let's start that journey.

Deepen your musicianship: Celia also teaches guitar, piano, music theory, reading, or harmony.